What is Light?

What is Light? Is it Energy? If you have the energy of light. Then is it Knowing? If you have the energy of knowing that leads to Light. Then what is Light? Is it Wisdom? If you have the energy of wisdom of knowing who you are. What is Light? Aha! Then it must be Brightness!

All the knowing of Energy, wisdom or brightness is only in the third dimensional perception. That is not Light. That doesn't even come close to Light. It is a mere ugly shadow. Brightness is the illusion of the ugly shadow.

Light is Nothing. Every-thing that which is described is separation. Light is No-thing. And why is it not every-thing? When that which we call super-consciousness, Shiva consciousness all those various terms, with which one strives to describe and fail, that is Every-Thing. Everything is what is experienced outside of ourselves. Light is No-thing. Is there one word that would describe all that is within you?


Then, what am I ? Nothing, everything

When one is everything, the perception is on the external, at everything outside. Then the identification, in a very expanded form, is that we are everything. When consciousness moves beyond knowledge, beyond any identification, that is Light. No-thing. Light does not exsist in separation. Can we then call ourselves "Beings of light?" Does one experience ourself as No-Thing? That is the ultimate experience, which all us are serching for. Till as long as we experience our Self, in whatever state of expanded form, we are still everything.

This in itself is so abstract that we need a more easier way to understand Light. I have tried in our third dimensional language to explain Light. As we move towards the coming changes which are happening in our Universe, in the Circle of Dimensions, Our Circle of Solar System, Countries and Societies, Groups Of individuals and their relationships. The Minutest One Individual and everything within the existence of the person. The body,name, belongings, personal interests, work and the world that exists for one. If in this Vast Universe there are such major changes there is a urgent need to define Light at the minutest level of our existance..............Shana


Light is Light

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