Light is Light

Light comes from the creator! Light is Light,
just as truth is truth. Simply, Light is Divine!

Light is the composition, or ingredient, of the soul. The light streamers that identify each one of us regardless of its spiritual station, physical body or discarnate state, or location in our universe. Souls referred to as “light beings” reflect it in their spirituality and morality, but even those who are referred to as “dark” retain a spark, otherwise they could have no life at all. The force of what we call “the dark forces” is the negative attachments to energy that cause fractures in their light streamers. They eventually extinguish all light except that connective spark to Creator.

Light is within your spirit. It is our joyessness and feeling light-hearted. We say the spirit sings because something joyful is happening or you’re remembering it. That sensation is the light coming from your soul, connecting with your mind and flowing through your body to produce joyful feelings or awe inspiring inspiration. It is that wonderfl sycronicity that fills us with wonder.

Rcecieving Light is the province of the soul, absorption of light is the province of the body. The body directs the light into the cells, which have been programmed by the DNA to accept it, but the soul may deny its entry. This is how the topmost dark forces are able to make puppets of the people who make free will choices with darkness. Their souls voluntarily deny the light entry, which precludes absorption by the cells and thus adversely influences the souls’ DNA. Since DNA is the knowledge handed down from one soul generation to the next, the inclination toward darkness becomes more and more inculcated in that DNA until the affected souls arrive at lost soul status.

Sending Light

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