Surrendered to Spirit,
Ninth level

In the 9th ,10th, 11th 12th all the work now is done at the etheric.
When you have passed the 8th level, you have surrendered to Spirit completly.

Not allowing ego to lead out of habit only with choice. In the Ninth level, only Spirit guides you. At Ninth level at the threshold of the Tenth dimension. The physical symptoms are lower back pain.The two chakras have to lose greater prominence. At the Ninth level activation, most people go through a phase of 'no sex'. Sex becomes something the physical does not need. There is genuinely no desire for sex. You will again want to have sex but now completely Spirit decided choice.
In the Ninth level you are living the Language of Light.
The translation faculties will be given to you.
You do what you need to do because Spirit want to do it."

You are not interested now in what anyone thinks or says about you. This is a great shift. Till this stage there are a few fears, here and there. But with this shift you completely experience yourself as Spirit In Action. The ego is getting weaker and the choices that you make are more Spirit led.

Now you are joined with Christ Oversoul. This means the highest level of your higher
bodies are now one with the highest level of your higher selves. You are hooked up with all
of them, and are getting ready to join with the

Divine Oversoul, The Source.
The three fold flame, Divine Truth,
Divine Love and Divine Light, expands and burns bright.

You will speak nothing but divine truth.You will feel nothing but divine love, and you will
emanate nothing but Divine Light. When this happens you are in the 10th level where
you now manifest the abilities of an Avatar.

Reaching the Source


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