Extremely Unsettling

These four spots, three seed crystals and the receiver, are activated. When the activation takes
place, the 'unsettlement' starts. You begin to experience geometry and tones, you don't see things
in the shape they are meant to be. You may see, up near your eyes, or you shut your eyes helixes,
tetrahedrons . You will hear ringing in your ears which is extremely uncomfortable.

You see flashes of light. You will see colours. You begin to see in front of your eyes, various symbols or signs, words of a language you don't know. And you are wondering "What does it all mean? Seeing things but I don't know what it is.' What do you do then? By now, the unification of your chakric system has already taken place, which means your mental, spiritual, physical, etheric have all unified. You sit in this unified space and ask for Translation Faculty.


You ask for the ability to translate this information coming in. This is the Language of the Light. You are feeling something but there are no words to really describe what you are going through. Ask for a translation faculty and you keep asking. Don't stop. It will not be given to you that easily. The faculty is given to you at the level of the 9th activation.

At many stages we get symptoms of flashes of colour, symbol. These are not the Language of Light; they are physical manifestations of physical mutations. Only you will know at which level you are really on. At every level you will find one thing that fits with you. When you sit in complete unification, when physical and etheric are in unification.A unified chakric system.

At 8th level activation the The Arc of Covenant is formed. The fourth eye is completely activated
and it releases a rainbow light which goes from the 4th eye to the third. Higher level, multi-dimensional connection comes into the fourth. The fourth sends out that light which is
received into the third which is your physical connection.The light is going from the
crown to your third eye. This is called the Arc of Covenant. A rainbow light that
is sent out so that you can connect with your multi-dimensional self.


What happens in personal relationships, friends, relationships, job. On the 7th level we experiencing changes in personal relationships. Now Spirit is directing you. All those persons who wish to hook you through coercion,manipulation, emotional blackmail, and so on, will suddenly start falling away. In the 7th level you had already begun to change the way you related to people. People will go. Friends will disappear and you feel a sense of being alienated.

Now your only focus is development of Spirit in Action.

Spirit will now guides you to those who are now meant to help you through the remaining four levels of activation. Going through the process is not an option. When you desire to go through the process, that's an option.


Surrendered to Spirit


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