Experiencing Spirit, The Eight Level

Dealing with experiencing Spirit completely, the brain is undergoing a change.
It can get unsettling. When physical changes take place in the brain you experience
that which you had not earlier experienced. You wonder if you have Alzheimer's.

Physical symptoms of all the levels are very close to actual physical illnesses. If the physical symptoms persist be responsible to get it checked. If these symptoms are because of Light activation, no test will show anything. It is light body activation. We are all going through light body activations. The physical does get 'traumatized' because of infusions of light.

At the end of the Seventh and beginning of the Eight activations, the pituitary and pineal glands grow very fast. The faster they grow, the bigger they grow, you feel headaches again. Some headaches will last longer and some maybe excruciating headaches for shorter periods. It is all your choice.

At the stage of Eight Level, light body activation the higher levels are really getting the activation, not the physical. The higher parts of us are not undergoing any pain. They are just mutating. In fact the mutation has already taken place in our lower level. The cells have already mutated. Now the remaining mutation will happen on a higher level. The etheric bodies mutate painlessly. They feel no sensation of pain. And at those levels you are eager to mutate faster and move through different dimensions. Forgetting that the physical too has to endure the symptoms of these etheric mutations.

The brain is going through changes, If you have a headache, command the brain "Release endorphins."Endorphins are brain opiates meant to ease pain. The brain changes. It literally grows bigger. There is cranial expansion at times, the shape of the skull changes. Perhaps the skull protrudes outwards from the back or from the top. Most times the change is not that apparent.


In the Eight Level, we have Three Seed Crystals which are activated as the Light comes in. Two are one above each eyebrow, in line with the pupil. The third one is directly below the hairline, in line with the nose, forming an isosceles or an equilateral triangle. These will start hurting when the three crystals activate.

Another thing that will activate is a Crystal Receiver that is on the right side of the head, which receives information from the higher dimensional. The crystal receiver is one and a half inches above the ear. When this gets activated you get kind of a burning or tingling sensation.


The seed crystal in your etheric body is sending vast amounts of information to the physical.
At periodic intervals this receiver downloads this information.Bit by bit of information,
is understood and absorbed what you have already downloaded.
Since your cells have already mutated, this information
will now become part of your physical.

Extremely Unsettling


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