Spiritual Significance and Spiritual Ambition

Often at this stage persons begin to function as Fourth dimensional persons.
'awakeners'. All light workers have two traps. Spiritual significance and spiritual ambition.
They are both our defense systems. Spiritual significance is a defense against shame and
worthlessness. Spiritual ambition is our defense against guilt and incompetence

The constant desire to tell someone, dictate their way of Life. Let them be. Fervent, passionate and eager about everyone 'moving' on to the 'path'. When you are spiritually ambitious, you need others to be sick. You need others to be lost. You need others to be asleep. How will you save them if they are not lost? How will you heal them if they are not sick, and how will you awaken their spirituality if they are not asleep? The mind will use the desire and its energy and emanate it outwards.

What is spiritual significance? Every thing is significant. Self deception. Deceiving yourself and deceiving others. There maybe nothing happening, believing it is happening. The more you go into self deception, the more the lower mental is thrilled and it keeps giving you false images and controlling more and more and more of you ego . When self deception is pointed out there is anger at the lower mind level.

When you are at 7th light body activation, spiritual impulses are coming in so fast, all you need to do is be in a meditative state. In that meditative state you are told 'kick the person', then are you compassionate enough to kick that person because that is what the person needs.

Be in a kind of Alpha state, and see the situation in that state. You will be able to see far clearer and more pictures than you will be able to see with the physical eye. Play out the whole situation in Alpha state.

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