Living In the Now, Seventh level activation,

In the Seventh level activation, the focus now moves to the heart chakra. The heart chakra is now going to open up at deeper and deeper levels. Emotional blocks at deep levels get opened and
that there are no restrictions to your 'vastness'. Feelings get intensified, sadness, anger,
and happiness and expression is easier.

You begin to live in the Now
The mental body lives in the future.
The emotional body in the past.

The physical heart has a membrane, which is called ironically
"The Gates of Eden". The membrane is Forgetfulness, veils of separation.

With the Seventh body, the membrane disappears, without you having to do anything. "Such a being of light has to live in Eden. That's the only place such a being can live in." You have come back home." The membrane just disappears but physically there are heart fibrillations and chest pains. It is not heart attack pains; its in the space in the center of the chest and it seems to radiate out everywhere.

You have to work now. There maybe no knowledge of light activations and their symptoms. When this happens put your hand over your heart. Eventually it will stop.This little gesture is an affirmation of how you love yourself. The deep emotional heart is opening up at the deeper seventh level. The heart fibrillation and the chest pains happen especially to those who have a problem expressing and receiving love. The heart will manifest physical symptoms such people.

In the 7th, 8th, and 9th levels our relationships begin to get screwed. Old relations, old friends fall by the wayside. You begin to
lose jobs. You begin to lose servants. You begin to lose husbands and wives. Relationships now get into a phase which is called Transpersonal relationships. Relationships that are based on spirit and not on ego needs. If Spirit knows now is not 'good' with others,then they shall move away.However much one may wants to hold onto they will not be able to do it.

You also begin to see yourself, experience yourself in different dimensions. Mistakenly, this as a past life experience because when experiencing the energy, the mind or lower mental, gives an immediate explanation, association, that can easily be understood in the 'Now'. It may be taking place in another reality, parallel reality. Yes, you are experiencing a parallel reality but ask yourself why? Not all experiences may be past life experiences.

There may be resolution with someone in particular in the Now. So one cannot pass this off as parallel reality." With the removal of the membrane, the emotional body is asking you to search your emotional relationships. First the easier ones, and then, with higher activations, the more difficult ones.

The focus the of 7th , 8th and 9th activations are why are your relationships skewed? What happened? What role did you play? What responsibility are you going to take? Question emotional reactions. The more you look into your emotional reactions, the more heart opens up. You make a shift.

You make a shift from emotional entanglement to detachment. This is the toughest shift for another person to endure. How dare he move, when I haven't moved? How dare he make a shift and leave me behind? How dare he remove himself emotionally from me? He is 'cold, distant, aloof' and suppressing feelings.

From karmic relationships to non-karmic relationships.
Shifted away from emotional entanglement, attachment,
but fully conscious at a very subtle unacknowledged level.
Actually embracing in love.

When your heart chakra opens up it takes predominance. As soon as its energy is expands it begins to open up. From the conical shape the chakra begins to open into it's lotus shape and become 'unified chakric system'. With unified chakric system, the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies unify and at this point your physical body will take in as much light as is poured in without any damage caused to it. Now there are no fear in the cell.

Vast amounts of energy come in. You glow and bloom.
Because your heart is so open, you are living in Love.

As the bodies merge, residuary survival issues that need to be tackled will strongly come to the fore. The opening of the pituitary and pineal glands can sometimes cause heaviness at the top of the head and the back of the neck. Now the 4th eye opens up and with this opens up your multidimensional sight. The 4th eye is the 'soft spot' on the top of your head which may give stabbing pains if there are etheric blocks.

Spiritual Significance and Spiritual Ambition


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