To Be, or Not to Be. Sixth Activation
The Sixth level seems to be wonderful. You will experience "you". For thousands
of years we have never learnt to be who we are. Spirit is still being explored. Old structures
are broken the new is unknown. Have I the tools to make a new structures?

At this level of light body activation several persons bail out. Some do it physically. They decide to leave this planet because the conflict of Ego and Light becomes too strong to handle. To start the process in another lifetime. There are those that opt not to leave and seemingly forget all universal truths and knowledge that they have learnt. A regression into the limited self and spiritual awareness suddenly is dragged into the mire of Ego. Caught in ego, fear, anger, rage, and judgment, your feelings of worthlessness and lack increase.Whatever ego says you will be caught in it because you have chosen to explore it.

Divinity was seen as immense, but Ego encases you in worthlessness. Self worth is at the lowest, feeling useless and worthless. Instead of exploring your divinity, the choice is to explore limitations. It is just a different way of reaching the same point. Fortunately on 6th level light body activation there is no going back. At times 6th body light activation is the extent for many life times. Higher activations is Indeed your choice and there can be no judgments to this.

Then the change To explore Divinity. Instantly the Universe will give experiences that explores Divinity. Like minded people come into your lives. Like you they will talk about spirit, about unity, and how immense you can be. The Universe gives you the tools with which to do it. It brings you the power written word and the spoken word. Groups that will encourage your choice. To understand true compassion. Compassion is doing whatever is necessary to give the person the opportunity to take the next higher step to energy, even if it means knocking the person's feet from under him. Generally this choice at a higher soul level. The higher level will make a decision only if the conscious body is willing to go along with the decision of the higher level.

In the sixth body activation things stop looking solid. You may be able to see the shimmering aura around your body. Nothing seems stationary. You are getting 6th level light body activation. How terrifying it is to the mental body. 'Solid is the way of the world. And now it is experiencing that there is no solid.

Then comes a moment of choice. Freeze or Flow. When there is flow, you leave the 6th level behind the fastest, more than any other level. The old phase will just ride itself out . The physical body will get used to the light that much quicker. The greater your freeze, the longer is the time you will stay on the sixth level. Some souls who stay on this level for over three incarnations.

Imagine the confusion of this soul?
All the soul needs to do is "flow". Not to freeze up in fear.
Allow the changes to come. Allow people to leave your life.
Allow yourself to be restructured.

The greatest change is an emotional change. You stop holding grudges. Walking away from people who do not need you may be painful, but this is the emotional shift that you make. Allowing them freedom to be who they need to be in the "now". Your energy is not entangled with theirs. Letting them go you need not retaliate with further anger and hate.

On the planet right now, there are a majority of people with 6th body activation. Some are
experiencing "heaven" on Earth and others are experiencing "hell" on Earth. If you do not freeze
up, the 'descension of spirit' takes place, spirit descends and comes to reside in your body.
You experience spirit in your very cells, and you see Light in different colours,
get 'flashes of communication', and become more clairvoyant and telepathic.

Living In the Now


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