The Fifth Light body Activation

In the Fourth level of activation, the mental body is greatly agitated. The mind goes through its little play of trying to shut down its emotional body, so that spiritual impulses do not enter. With the great infusions of light, there is recognition, that there is Spirit. Recognizing Spirit there is a need to re-evaluate beliefs, attitudes and our thought processes. There is a greater willingness to say "I could be wrong". and that there maybe another way of being, living, feeling, of reacting. This shift continues with the 5th level activation. The mental body exploring tentatively is still unconvinced that spirit exists.

Maybe spirit exists and maybe it doesn't'.
There is a shift from complete disbelief towards tentative belief.
With tentative belief the universe takes this opportunity to flood you with light.

This is experienced physically in different ways. Intuitive flashes, sudden deep insights and Vivid dreams, which lose their dream like hazy quality. Nights pass as if in a another reality. Bewildered and not understanding what these experiences are. "Is this reality real and is spirit real?"

Spirit is trying to manifest through these inexplicable experiences. You concede to this new reality, where dreams become a fore knowledge with intuition. Compassion helps friends and family. Reality has boundaries that are actually very wide. The mental body starts believing in Spirit. The lower mental body gets more agitated, in the face of spirit, it's very survival is at stake. Ego and the lower mental, loses its ability to control.

The intelligent mental body realizes that the only way to survive this change is to change itself. Letting go off old patterns, dropping old structures and old framework. Habituated to structures it immediately starts building anew that are now based on spirit.

Now there are new rulesand srictures, "I will meditate 3 hours a day. I cannot eat meat. If I am angry I should suppress it." Overzealous, sanctimonious, critiquing change in others and rigid with new opinions. The lower mental has become zealous.

Naturally there is a conflict between the mental ego and the spirit,
Spirit through Light is now trying to get dominance over ego
to become a active embodied spirit.

Not existing on the periphery of your etheric body, but something that actually lives and breathes within you, actively, in embodied form. That is spirit's endeavor, an active embodied physical spirit so that it becomes fully conscious of the self on all dimensions. Gradually, it will start controlling the mental body. The purpose to be on all the multi-dimensional consciousness.

Spirit makes the mental body aware of a greater reality. Is this trully my reality? What are my beliefs? What is my truth? In the subtlest way spirit works on the mental body and with this new ways to think, it blossoms. Aha! These structures of beliefs, feelings attitudes have closed me in.
With the strength to release myself" A rebirthing, ready to take a
"Sixth level light body activation."


Sixth Activation


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