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We are in the habit of seeing ourselves individuated, and everything appears to still be that way. Do you know what inertia is? You are in moving and yet stopped, yet you will still feel the movement. Is there any movement? There is no movement, but inertia makes you feel there is. What we are going through right now is Inertia. We are so used to separation and we have not left it behind. Inertia is still keeping us in that state. At some point inertia will leave you. The longer the experience, the greater is the inertia.

When did the beginning of Unity happen?
It happens in the fourth level activation.

The mental body is suffused with such high energy light that for the first time the lower mental body begins to ask questions. For the first time the lower mental body begins to see "Oh I am not in control". There is actual awareness in the mind in the brain of "I am not in control. There is a Light far greater than my own which is controlling me. These two reactions take place simultaneously. The lower mind is exhilarated, thrilled with the new light that's coming in but the lower mind being habituated to control, doesn't know how to break this habit.

As more and more of Light comes in, greater and greater is the tug-o-war…
"Am I in control, am I not in control?" One moment it says "I am not in control,
I'll surrender, I'll let go". Then "I am in control, I am in control".
Ego comes in and you feel "I am going back to 'my old self'".

But the mind is also exhilarated. It goes through this see-saw of closing and opening.
Eventually it completely experiences "I am not in control". You begin to question
your 'reality'. What is my reality? At a cellular level realities are questioned.
Now you do it at a conscious mental level. "Is this real?"

All my realities are questionable. For the first time that there is only one reality and that is "All is illusion". That is the result of the fourth level activation. You begin to question your patterns, attitudes, belief systems, thought processes, words, your interaction with people, and situations that are around you.

Questioning it "Is this real" or is it again only my mind. Or is it inertia with believing that it is real. The mind has still not learnt how to let go completely. It has learnt to let go to an extent but it is in this see-saw position right now. But if there is one truth that comes into the lower mind at any level, it comes in through the Light activation "I am the Source", even if this truth is still at an intellectual level, and not experiential.

The Fifth Light body Activation


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