Fourth level of Activation

In the Fourth level of Activation, the changes now take place not on a physical level, as they do on a mental level. The mental body is now going to get activated, completely infused with Light. With this the brain chemistry greatly changes as do the electro-magnetics of the body. Whenever the etheric bodies are infused with light physical symptoms have to be experienced.

What are these symptoms? Excruciating headaches, blurred vision, seizures, problems with
hearing and chest pains. Why chest pains? Deeper and deeper levels of the heart are
being activated.
The heart is no more only a physical organ, because it is going into
a 4th level activation ready for the 5th dimension of love and Masterhood.

It has to change its form. Not only pumping and taking, it has to do something beyond. When it opens up there maybe excruciating chest pains if earlier there was complete closure. And then something happens which is great, which is what is happening to the Earth now. The regulator crystals within your etheric body cause the mental body to begin a radical shift. It begins to view things differently and questions all the 'realities'. It begins to accept all the wider realties and patterns that Spirit places into your energy bodies.


There comes a time in the process of individuation when everything seems to take a fast track. For millions, of years we have been individuating, isn't it? I am the Source and everything around me is my individuation, just as you are the source and everything around you is your individuation. So it's only you. Think of this separation as a rubber band. You stretch it and stretch it and stretch it which means you are further and further individuating the whole into several, several, several parts of you till the rubber band cannot go anymore. All individuation has come to an end.

You have experienced every single experience there is in the game of separation. You have pulled yourself to the limit. Remember YOU ARE THE SOURCE, you want to experience all the individuated aspects of you, so you have pulled yourself to your limit and experienced every single interaction there is to experience. There is no more to experience in the game of separation.

So what do you do at that point? Release the band (Out breaths and then the In breath)
It comes back to Source instantly. What took millions upon millions of years to play,
within a few years will go back to the Source

You have experienced everything you need to experience, so now I have no
more to experience. Why should you keep stretching
You are on your journey home


You have Changed


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