Elaeenah On Channeling

The process of ascension starts at the very moment of creation. It starts at the very moment of separation. Separation, half way point, back home journey to unity. In this moment of creation, which means separation, we have already started ascending, because we have already started the journey home. Activation in our bodies is bringing us this information through the light. We started the process since you and I individuated. We know this information now because the bio-transducer** can now decode this information coming from the Light.

This is what channeling is all about.

The more you activate the bio-transducer** the more information it can decode. I was told , "Why were you not able to understand or even accept this information when you were a medium six years ago?" At that time, when I read my transcripts, the level of information I was channeling was basic; interesting to read, but basic. If at that time someone had said that I would be channeling "Light Body Activation", I would probably have said "Don't talk nonsense! I have no clue what you are talking about."

Why has this 'change' taken place? Because the bio-transducer** is activated at a level from where this information can now be decoded. When it activates itself even more, I will get even more information. That's it; that's all that happens in a channeling. The physical body changes enough for decoding of light information. Jadefire says, "Do you now understand there will come a time when you won't channel? The activation will reach a level from where the information will come and you will decode it in perfect awareness and cognition of everything around you."

At present the transducer** is not that well activated so this kind of information still needs my mental mind, lower mental, to stay at rest, so that only the transducer** can work. There will come a time when the transducer's activation will be so powerful the lower mental will not need to be 'deactivated', which I will explain to you in the 4th level activation. That then is channeling…......being able to decode information. Now can you understand that everyone is a channel, and can channel more information as their bio-transducers get activated to higher levels?

** (On the Third Level of Activation is still in our physical system. In our physical, we have something which is known as a bio- transducer system. What does this bio-transducer do? It is designed to decode and work with higher light energies, as well as transmit these energies to the planet. Before activation it stays atrophied, it stays dormant. When the etheric bodies have been flooded with light, the bio-transducer 'wakes up'. It knows that it has to decode that light. Light is information. The bio-transducer decodes this information that is coming through. )

Fourth level of Activation


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