On your Way Home
A vast amount of information is compressed in our bodies.
With red, blue, green, spectrums.

The DNA codes send a blue laser beam over the light, all the blue information gets decoded. Then it sends a red laser beam and instantly all the red information is decoded. Simultaneously colour beams are being flooded out from the activated DNA. It works synchronistically the DNA decodes the Light and gradually releases this data causing the gradual mutation of the physical. This activates further DNA. So further Light is decoded, and so on. This information coming into your actual physical structures through the RNA, send the cells into a spin.

The RNA-DNA information transfer and the ATP-ADP energy cycle.
Earlier these were closed systems, are now fully open and make
Infinite Energy and Information available to the body.
A dialogue starts between the physical and the spiritual.

With the complete ascension of the Earth there will be no physical and astral planes left. This process is called the 'in breath of the Source'. The Source manifests in 'in breaths' and 'out breaths' of creativity. The out breaths are very slow; the in breaths are very rapid. The process of individuation is the out breaths of creativity and the process of 'going back home' is the in breath of the Source.

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