Colour, Sound and Light.

When the light is coming into our cells, the mitochondria recognizes Light as an energy source and produces more ATP. The cells take in greater quantities of Light as 'usable energy'. It feels as though an electrical current is going through you rapidly, often felt during meditations. ATP is changing the light at a very rapid pace into usable energy and transmitting it to your physical. Do what ever you want, exercise, meditate teach and heal if you want.

More the energy, less the conversion from ATP to ADP. ATP will not need to give away one phosphate group, as it's using all the three phosphate groups to convert light to usable energy. As the meridians feed energy from the Oversoul into the cells, the spin points in the cells produce colour and Sound and Light frequencies which are released into our body.

Colour, sound and Light.

Our bodies are actually converting energy into these three frequencies.
When a colour attracts you must wear it, even if it is 'ghastly'.
Your body needs that particular colour frequency.

As the atomic spin in the ATP increases the phosphate groups act like an antenna for undifferentiated Light and the head of the molecule acts like a prism breaking down the Light into subtle colour spectrums. What happens with this colour frequency is very interesting.

We have Ribonucleic acid (RNA) in the cells. In the first two levels the RNA is a one way messenger. The cells of the RNA acid take directions from the activated DNA to the other parts of the cell. Can you guess how much of our DNA is activated before third level activation? 93% of DNA lies uncoded and dormant. Much more of our DNA has still to be activated.

How is the DNA activated?
With light coming in RNA becomes a two way messenger.
It takes instructions from the DNA to the cells and
it takes the Light and sends it back to the DNA for decoding.

There are cells only meant for the purpose of decoding. As soon as it takes in Light and sends it to the DNA for decoding, the Light is changed into something beautiful by the ATP. The Light is broken up into prismatic colour spectrums and sound spectrums. DNA codes are activated. "What do these colours mean?"


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