The Earth's Ascension Plan

In 1989 the Earth decided that every single creature, on the planet, within the planet, above
the planet, everywhere, would get a third level light body activation. When that was decided by the Earth, our personal blueprints were completely over written.

Indeed the Earth's blue-print in every situation
takes precedence over our own.

And those of us who didn't wish to go along with this activation, once the activation process began took a choice to leave the planet through various disasters that were created specifically for this purpose. The Mother Earth is so compassionate and generous in her compassion, that although she might seem to force people into activation, she still gives them the choice not to go through it. If you decide not to go through it, she gives you the means to leave the planet. She gives off herself, she tears herself physically to give you that option to leave the planet if desired.

This is the reason why the Earth gave us a third level activation.

In the first two levels, with the light bathing our system however not focusing into the very center of our cells. The process can be reversed at will, if so desired. With the third level there is no such choice. Physical mutations of the cells start at a very rapid pace. Now there is no turning back.

One can understand why then the Earth decided the third level. "You must be at the same activated level as the Earth otherwise both will not be in sync. There fore the activation where you will not use your free will choice to reverse. Being alive today, a decision to 'go ahead' with the Earth was taken by you.

Therefore going with the Earth you are at a third level activation at the least.

The planets are ascending, its not one planet that ascends, it's the entire dimension that ascends. The whole third dimension is ascending. Which means as soon as we move into the 5th dimension there will not exist the third dimension. Presently, we don't have the existence of 1st and 2nd dimensions. It remains as intellectual knowledge and soul memory.

Eventually the third dimension will not exist. We will then wonder "What did the third level seem like?
How could it be that you can have height,weight, length but not Love? With all the planets ascending,
the Earth has to ascend at the same time and pace. The Earth needs to remain in sync with the
planets, we need to remain in sync with the Earth. The Earth is our dimension.

The process of ascension starts at the very moment of creation. It starts at the very moment of separation. Separation, half way point, back home journey to unity. In this moment of creation, which means separation, we have already started ascending, because we have already started the journey home. Activation in our bodies is bringing us this information through the light. We started the process since you and I individuated. We know this information now because the bio-transducer can now decode this information coming from the light.

This is what channeling is all about.


Colour, Sound and Light.



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