The Third Level.

The third level light activation is physical based like the first. The physical senses are beginning to get sensitive. Extrasensory, you may hear white sound. Eyesight may suddenly improve. Your senses radically deteriorate and then suddenly change back to maybe better than what they were. The unexplainable, happens to the physical senses as soon as the third level light body activation takes place.

Sex becomes joyous again. No longer based on lust, sharing with another in all its beauty. With third body activation a lot of souls wish to come in to take the Earth through her ascension process.What are the various changes we have in our physical? We have in our physical system, something which is known as a bio- transducer system. What does this bio-transducer do? It is designed to decode and work with higher light energies, as well as transmit these energies to the planet. Before activation it stays atrophied, it stays dormant.

After the Second body light activation is through, which means the etheric bodies have been flooded with light, the bio-transducer 'wakes up'. It knows that it has to decode that light. Light is information. The bio-transducer decodes this information that is coming through.

Where does this Light come from?
It comes from your 5th dimensional axiotonal meridians.
The meridians activate points on the surface of the skin.
They also activate the lymphatic and the circulatory system.
The physical cells go into a spin that is extremely fast.

Everything in this world rotates, whether it is a universal body, or it is our cells.
The spin of rotation increases with this infusion of light through the axiotonal meridians.
The cell itself goes through a physical mutation from which it can not turn back.


The Earth's Ascension Plan


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