Release of Karma.


What do these structures do?
The release of these structures from the etheric bodies, make us experience every single
karmic experience that we have undergone. All the karmic experiences will now come back
into manifestation in some form or the other. They have to. You have to relive them in some form.
The stronger those experiences have been and the stronger the karmic ties are, the stronger
will the manifestation be in the present life, and in the physical.

Life seems to take on a see-saw phase, where you have no idea why you are being tossed around by destiny. Things seem to collapse around you. Structures and pillars that were your support systems suddenly seem to be pulled out from under you. You go through phases of your life which you would rather never repeat.

Why? Because you are experiencing karmically all that you need to.

Why? Because you need to activate the karmic memory, which in the future light body activations,
you will be asked to resolve. Unless memory is jolted how would we resolve these experiences? The push and pull of life are events triggering all your subconscious memories.Asking you to remember. When friends fall away, memory is activated of a past when friendship may have been abused. Thus the memory jolt.

What is karma? A cause and effect of a game of separation.

In separation one does not realize that everything is unity and therefore placing ourself as separate entities. You may have chosen to experience the hurt of what your friends went through. Understanding that hurt and what rejection feels. The experience, once completed thereafter resolve the entire situation without any kind of selfflagellation. There is no good and there is no bad. It's just that one is caught in a game of separation.

In these experiences there is a feeling of disorientation. Life seems topsy turvy? Where is one to go and how to get into control? The actual physical symptoms in the second light body activations, are very flu like . Fever which may not register, and yet one feels feverish. With eyes burning and tired all the time. The first light body activations also gave the same feelings. Exaggerated, the symptoms are now magnified as there is even greater infusion of light.

Introspection comes with second activation which is wonderful. Questions of "Who am I? Why am I here? What is this universe? What part do I play in this universe?" Earlier you had lived your life as though you were the universe and everything centered on you. Suddenly you begin to question "Who am I? Is this the only relationship with my mother?Is there something beyond? What is the purpose of my living? Why have I come here to live my 60 years and disappear? " Questions start appearing,
which for the first time makes you recognize Spirit.


We know about "soul" we do not recognize "Spirit".
Spirit is the undifferentiated Light, that is in connection with the Source.
Our soul is the differentiated light that exists within physical embodiment.

For the first time we are not looking at soul, we are looking at Spirit. "What is my connection to Spirit? Am I Spirit? If so, then what is Spirit?" Questions come into the lower mind for the very first time with the light body activation on the second level.

With this recognition, the spin of your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies increase.
Though the changes are, by and large, on the etheric, they affect the physical
only through these flu-like symptoms and the disorientation in your life.

the third level.


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