Light Bodies Activation

The third level is on the physical plane.
The second level is on the etheric plane.
The fourth level is on the mental plane.


A brief recap….. How the physical changes take place with the first light body activation, with light being infused in our bodies. The mitochondria which earlier only recognized food, as the energy source, now began to recognize light, as an energy source. And this process of ATP to ADP and back to ATP keeps taking place continuously very, very rapidly. Although it might seem as though it's such a waste of energy coming in, it isn't, because these rapid changes actually causes the vibrations of the cells to increase, and therefore takes us to higher vibratory levels. In the first level activation, the synapses in the brain actually increase in number. Several more synapses that are formed which mean a larger number of spiritual impulses that can come through.


In the second level light body, the 6th dimensional etheric blueprint, which is our
etheric bodies, are flooded with light because the physical body has already started
making its changes. The axiotonal meridians have already started activating
the cells.Greater infusion of light is coming into the physical.


It comes first through the etheric bodies. The etheric bodies are completely
flooded with light. When that happens they release four dimensional structures,
which then work on the physical plane.


Release of Karma.


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