The Changes

First the DNA encodements relevant to the light body activation literally light up. New directives are given to the cells. The first directive is to now recognize Light as its energy source along with food. For the first time in human history, the cells will recognize Light as its energy source. Now, the cells know that not only food but this light that is coming in, is also an energy that it needs to metabolize.

For the cells and the mitochondria, this is something new. Being used to food, when light comes in and the cells are bathed completely with light, the mitochondria, which is light sensitive, instantly absorb the new colour/tonal activation and produce ATP in huge bursts.

"Such a waste of light energy".
Light is coming in and just releasing it, and not knowing what to do with it. But this process does have its function. Light is coming in at speeds which the cell is not used to. As soon as light comes again ATP forms, again releases, ADP is formed, light comes in, again ATP is formed, released, again ADP. It's a very rapid process now and due to this the entire cell metabolism becomes accelerated. Thus vibrations increase.

This is the point when body density is released. Accumulated toxins, physical, mental, emotional, are released due to increased metabolism. Then there comes a time when your cells learn the new directive given to them, get used to this infusion of light and settle down. The new vibratory level has settled down again to a comfortable pace.

The toxins are not being released as quickly, till the new infusion of light. The whole process starts churning again; again you get your physical problems. Many of us are able to understand now that we are releasing; we are able to say "It's a release of my negativity." It is in a sense physically releasing your toxins because of a further infusion of light.

What happens to the brain at this time? The brain have their right and left hemispheres. Each hemisphere having its own function. As soon as there is infusion of light the right and left hemispheres recognize a change in energy. This is translated by the brain. Pineal gland and pituitary gland begin to increase. Start increasing in size, otherwise this light infusion will not be handled by the physical brain cells.

Pituitary and pineal glands that are atrophied to pea-size begin to grow, till they reach their actual size of a very large walnut. As soon as pineal and pituitary glands begin to grow, brain chemistry instantly changes and the brain actually begins to produce a larger and larger number of synapses. Synapses are junction points between nerve cells.


When an impulse is sent by the brain, it travels through the nerve to the fibers. When the impulse reaches the end of the fiber, it uses a chemical which is released by the fiber. This helps that impulse to jump from one cell to another. It goes to that cell, the nerve fibers, release of chemical, and jumps to another. If you have more synapses produced by the brain, the obvious result is a greater volume of impulses that can now be simultaneously processed by the brain. Leaving you open for
spiritual impulses, which can be interpreted as impulses from light energy.

With light body activation, the intuition of a person gets sharpened.


Light Bodies Activation


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