The Alteration

A profound alteration took place with the first light body activation. The light activated a series
of latent encoded information by infusing color and tone. The cells mutated first. Light body levels
are measured by the ability of your cells to metabolize. The cells had to change their ability
to transform other forms of energy into pure energy.

The function of our cells is to take in food and transform it into energy that we use. The ability of the cell is to metabolize one form of energy into another. So the very cellular structure began to change in order to change the cell's ability. Before this light body activation took place, the cells were functioning and were capable of functioning, only by taking in food which the mitochondria in the cell would then transform to energy.

The Mitochondria are small bodies of varying shapes and sizes which lie within the cytoplasm of the cell. The cytoplasm is kind of a jelly like thing in the cell, where all these various bodies lie. The mitochondria are used as power- houses or storehouses of energy because they are capable of this transformation. So they would take in food and transform it into energy.

Before the light body activation the energy for cell functioning came from an energy that shuttled between two chemicals, Adenosine Diphosphate, which we will call ADP, and Adenosine Triphosphate, which referred to as ATP. Triphosphate is when it releases three phosphate groups. Diphosphate is when it releases two phosphate groups.

What is ATP and ADP?

ATP is an energy storage compound, its work is to store energy. It helps the mitochondria, to convert food into energy, which is then stored in the cells for later use. Being a triphosphate, it has 3 phosphate groups which it projects outward from the molecules. When it loses one phosphate group, it changes into ADP, because now it is projecting two phosphate groups. When an ATP molecule sheds it's outermost phosphate group it becomes ADP.

This breaking up of this chemical from triphosphate to diphosphate releases energy for the cells to function by creating proteins. So it takes in the food, with the help of ATP, converts it to energy and stores it. When it has to be released, it gets converted to ADP which then releases this energy for use.

In times of acute stress, this takes place in a huge burst of energy where this person says "I got some supernatural energy". Nothing supernatural just the cells receive impulses from the brain. The brain is telling the cells, "Release instantly and in large quantities; help is required here". And an instant response to the brain impulse releases this energy in a huge burst making you feel and be able to show such physical superhuman strength". When the energy is released, it creates proteins in our body, and you know proteins are our muscle builders. Food, body, and muscles, everything works with synchrony to take us to physical health.

The closed system within us
Light body activation the energy shuttles only between ATP -ADP. Constantly ATP changes to ADP.
ADP picks up a phosphate group changes back to ATP. ATP looses a phosphate group changes
back to ADP. It is a constant shuttling of energy that takes place only between these two.
It is known as a closed system. It does not create new energy. Before light body activation
there is a closed system within us. It's our own energy that is circulating,
transforming, circulating, transforming, circulating, transforming.

No new outside energy is infused here.


The Changes


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