First Level Light Body Activation

The actual changes that take place in the physical, with light body activation.
Light Body Activation are infusions of light, which then activate certain cells
in our body, and then cause the resultant changes.

Initiations are nothing but infusions of light, of higher and higher frequencies.

Many have had at least the third level light body activated since 1989. Where are we actually? It is essential to know all the stages of light body activation. Not just starting from stage three, but from stage one and stage two.

The light body activation are changes in our physiology. These are tangible changes in our very cellular structure. In energy terms it is indeed very abstract or intangible. Energy works in ways where very often the conscious mind is unaware of the changes. The Earth has a Divine plan. This divine plan includes 12 light body activation for planet Earth. As we are all part of planet Earth we earthlings, will also have 12 light body activation.

The first activation took place in 1988. An infusion of light, which lit up the dormant cells. It was "time to go home". We start from the point of merger/separation, then move along one hemisphere of this circle which is the separation hemisphere, come to a center point, and then we start upwards on our journey back to the original point. The second hemisphere, is the journey home. At the exact midpoint that you have traveled, is the first light body activation. Now the cells know that 'I will have to change my chemical composition and functioning for a journey that's going to take a different route.

The soul is looking at the journey back towards merger.'

The cells know that it is time to go home. The body reacts instantly, the changes are on a cellular level. It begins to start loosing its density. The emotional debris, the toxins that have built up all are shed. The chakric systems and the layers of debris. All the debris starts loosening, the toxins are released. Mutational symptoms, because our physical is actually mutating, changing its very structure. What are these symptoms? Headaches, fevers, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, muscle spasms, joint spasms, rashes, acne, boils, skin eruptions; a vast array of symptoms. Depending on your body structures it will not be the same for everyone.

Most of us may have also gone through one or more very severe illness. That illness were because the light body activation took place rapidly from one level to another without allowing the physical to settle down from the first into the second. These were very rapid light body level activation. The physical body almost had a collapse, making it require a rest. You are now aware that probably you went through these mutational symptoms that accompany the dropping of first level density.

The DNA hold in it the genetic patterns of everything created. Perhaps within our very DNA we have extraterrestrial encodements too. The latent encodements within, which will activate with every light body activation. Your DNA holds genetic material of every species on earth as well as holographically encoded information of all your collective experiences. It also holds latent encodement for mutation of your physical body.

'a cosmic walk.' Truly a long walk.
Activations are markers to bring you back home.
Each marker lights up, lighting up the road, and when
the body knows, twelve such markers light up to take you home.


The Alteration


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