Krishna, Within and Without

This is the birth of the Divine lord Krishna,
form of Vishnu the preserver in the Hindu Trinity.

So should mankind be, beautiful within and without. That should be our only endeavor. Taking the responsibility of ourselves and our environment. The earth we live on. Peace and harmony should be the only thought in us. To live in joyousness enjoying the abundance given to us.

No other incarnation of the Lord, as Krishna invokes such joy. You see the mischievous child, the cowherd, the lover and the charioteer in the epic of Mahabharata. All have a message for the way we are and should change. Very little has been understood from the myths that have been been told since centuries. We hear them again and again, enjoying them but not imbibing them into the very fabric of our lives.

There is an urgent need to change, comprehend the vast destruction on the planet Earth. That sentinel being Our Mother Earth, who in her benevolence has given us such prosperity and abundance. Through the centuries we have only taken, never giving back. In our original spirit form we as co-creators took on the human form from the Earth. It is time that we first understood what we are, who we are, and what we must do .

I have correlated the myth and the deep understanding of the Incarnation of the Lord Krishna on Earth. In this, I have used channeled information of a ascended master "Jadefire" through Elaeenah . I have also put together from other source materials such as the Bhagwaad Gita the appropriate sayings of Lord Krishna. We are Krishna and He is within us and without us.



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