The Story of Creation

When the three worlds were submerged in water, the primeval sea before manifestation.
Lord Vishnu as the Creator was lying on the great snake Ananta. He appeared
to be sleeping. His internal potency, of Creation was inverse and dormant.
Free from action of external energy, he lay with his eyes closed.

In His internal potency, The Lord lay for four thousand yuga cycles. Within Him was the Unmanifest. Worlds within worlds, cycles within cycles. All the living entities were merged within the body of the Universal Vishnu. When all was ready to manifest the Lord opened His eyes, he saw His transcendental body as bluish. Devi Laksmi, the feminine energy, consort of the Lord, sat at His feet. She too, had to be manifested into Divine feminine energies

His purpose was of creation and manifestation. He fixed His gaze upon the subtle material nature of all that had to come, all that had to be manifested. All the cycles of space and time. All the activities that would ensue thereafter. His Vision pierced through His wondrous Core Star in his abdomen. The Lord manifested the shape as in the shape of a lotus bud. Into this universal lotus bud, Lord Vishnu himself entered as the Supersoul. The manifested personality of His wisdom, Lord Brahma, was born. Brahma was disoriented. He could not understand his identity, purpose, or origin. Eventually, everything was revealed to him, only after proper austerities and meditation executed over many yugas. Realizing himself to be the Lord's Mirror Image and eternal servant by following the Lord Vishnu's Divine Will did Brahma engage himself in the matter of secondary creation. This was in fulfillment of the Lord's plan.

" By Me all this world is pervaded in My unmanifested aspect,
all beings have root in Me, I am not rooted in them."


Narada Muni


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