Kabir the Poet

After, Mahavtar Babji, Kabir and his exquisite Doha's , his simple but beautiful life had to be written about. No other poet has inspired one to be on the path of spirituality without the idolatry, and strict rituals that religion dictates. My friend Shamala has written this beautiful piece on Kabir. We at Crystallotus are grateful to her for her research the appropriate teachings of Kabir she has incorporated. Kabir's Doha's are in Hindi
or in Urdu. The poetry and depth that is in theoriginal language is impossible to translate into English.
However if a little of the essence is felt, then, perhaps, they carry their meaning in them ...........Shana

His Mystical Birth   Kabir Teachings   Without A Master
Early Beginnings And Life   Kabir and Shabd   The Blind Seek
Kabir's Belief   Kabir and Sound   Shabd, The Word Satt
Daily Life   The Tenth Door   The Shabd of Saints
The End Years   Kabir and Mind   The Debt
  Kabir and Karma   Plaything


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