Shabd, The Word Satt

Calling upon the devotee to adopt the practice of the Shabd, kabir explains what this means. Shabd is the power of the supreme being that has created the creator of the three worlds, and Kal the negative power. Even this world of illusion has also come into being from the power of Shabd or the divine Word and is sustained by it. It is the form in which the Lord pervades the entire creation.

Although most scriptures, holy men and schools of philosophy talk about Shabd, they are not aware of its true nature and identity.Its secret is in the hands of the saints or perfect Masters and it can be experienced, not spoken, expounded upon or analyzed. Kabir distinguishes this divine Word or Shabd from the words that can be spoken, written and read. The written words can point to the real Word, can extol its merits but cannot take its place.

Men try to obtain Shabd through renunciation, austerities and yogic practices.
But Kabir says that these paths and practices can never open the gates of Shabd.
True detachment and desirlesness come as a natural result of the practice of Shabd
and when the disciple goes within and contacts Shabd he develops true love for God.

Apply yourself, O friend, To the pracice of the Shabd,
The Shabd from which, even the creator came into being,
Imprint that Shabd in your heart, O friend.

The Vedas and the Scriptures Extol the merits of the Shabd,
The Shabd that sustains All shabds in the world.
Men, sages and gods sing its praises,
Yes, its mistery they know not.
Imprint that Shabd in your heart, O friend.

Shabd is the Master and listening to Shabd,
One becomes disciple; But rare are they who know,
The true meaning of Shabd.
Shabd is the real Master and Shabd is the disciple’s soul too;
Onl he knows this who goes within and realizes that Shabd.
Imprint that Shabd in your heart, O friend.

Between Shabd and shabd, there is a vast difference;
Churn the primal Shabd and realize the Truth, O friend.
Who does not taste this true Shabd,
His life, O kabir and his achievements, Are all a waste.

A rare slave of the Lord contemplates on His Shabd.
The secret of the Shabd is with the Master;
Test it on the touchstone within.

Men hear about Shabd and varied garbs They adopt to gain it.
But he who hears the Shabd itself, Becomes a true lover.
The six philosophies elaborate on the Shabd,
But he who hears the shabd itself,
Becomes truly desireless.

Vedas and scriptures sing the praises of the Shabd,
All claim to know its merits;
Hermits and ascetics expound upon the Shabd,
But not one of them obtain its secret.

Even this world of delusion, Through Shabd came into being;
All that is, Is the expansion of the Shabd.
But from where does Shabd emanate,
On this, Kabir, few contemplate.

The Shabd of Saints


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