Without A Master

Kabir emphasis's here the imperative need of a master to save a man from the miseries of birth and deathand to lead him to the Lord. When he meets a perfect Master, all that a devotee has to do is become agurumukh- a disciple who implicitly obeys his master, overcomes his ego, controls his
mind and surrenders himself to the master. As directed by the master, the disciple does his
spiritual practice, goes within and merges himself into the radiant or shabd for
m of the Master.

A temple roof cannot stay up without rafters,
So without Nam how can one cross the ocean?
Without a vessel water cannot be kept;
So without a saint, Man cannot be saved from doom.
Woe to him who thinks not of God,
Whose mind and heart remain absorbed in plowing
The field of senses.

Without a plowman land cannot be tilled,
Without a thread Jewels cannot be strung,
Without a knot, the sacred tie cannot be made;
So without a saint, Man cannot be saved from doom.

A child cannot be born without father and mother,
clothes cannot be washed without water,
There can be no horseman without a horse;
So without a Master, None can reach the court of Law.

Without music, There can be no wedding;
Rejected by her husband, A bad woman suffers misery;
So man suffers without a saint.
Says kabir, my friend, only one thing attain;
Become a Gurumukh, that you not die again.

The Blind Seek


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