Kabir and Karma

"Having achieved a human birth one must obtain freedom from the circle of birth and death by utilizing the birth well. Adopt such a masterThat a master again you do not need to seek. Dwell in
such a state That a dwelling again you do not have to makeUndertake such a contemplation
That contemplation again You do not have to undertake." Kabir

Kabir says “ the saints physical form is the mirror of the Formless One. They are a form of the Eternal Being and are the proper object to contemplation. True contemplation is that of the Master’s form, real worship is the worship of His holy feet, true name is that which the Master gives you and true love is the Ultimate Truth. When the mind and soul are withdrawn to the eye center with the help of repetition and held there with the aid of contemplation, the devotee comes in contact of the shabd. The Divine melody of the word Shabd is constantly resounds at the eye center."

He hears the Shabd in its enchanting melody and is gradually absorbed in it.Once he comes in direct contact with the sound current it draws him towards itself and takes him upwards into the higher realm of spiritual regions, to his real home. This melody in its full splendor can be heard only when one goes within. The Master connects the initiate to the Shabd at the time of initiation and the devotee starts hearing it after a little practice.

"The Master is the ultimate manifestation of power on the physical plane and he alone has
the competence to put others on the path to realization of Shabd. The soul merging
into the Shabd becomes Shabd , the drop becomes the ocean."

In the physical, astral and causal worlds nothing can happen without a motive and therefore every cause has an effect for the actions done with motives have further effects. This sequence of cause and effect which keeps the soul within the perimeter of the worlds of mind and matter is known as the law of karma. Every action is a bond, a chain that keeps getting longer.

“Man himself entwines the rope of karma which becomes a noose around his neck ‘

The motive force behind all karmas is the mind, the body is the instrument that enacts or executes what the mind dictates, therefore as a result of these actions the mind keeps coming back to this world again and again in different bodies and circumstances. Soul knotted to the mind has to follow. Depending on the intensity of the negative deeds he is sent to different regions of suffering in this physical world. Karmas not accounted for in this birth will be carried forward to the next birth and therefore even if a person has not reaped any fresh Karma in this birth he will still have to have another birth for the remainder of his Karma from his past. That is how vast accumulated karma is.

Kabir says, "the soul is thus born again and again as various species.In the immobile and the mobile
Among the worms and moths Many births have I had, In many forms I have raveledSince the day
thou subjected me, Lord, To visitations to the womb,In many a home have I made my sojourn.

It is when you are born human that you have the chance to meet the Lord. The devotee has to reailize that fate, Karma or his destiny has to be undergone. He is born with his destiny and there is no escape from it. The feelings of elation or resentment while going through their Karmic bonds further the Karma. Attachment and hate, friendship and enmity, pride and resentment are strong feelings that form grooves on the mind and in course of time become the cause of further effects. There are three ways to escape the effects of Karma and that is acceptance, surrender and shabd practice.

The only way to live is to attain equanimity at all times both through hardships and happiness. It is also important to be rid of the I-ness, the feeling that one is responsible for the actions. All this can definitely be achieved by the practice of the Shabd and the grace of the Master. To give up, high caste, lineage and unnecessary involvements. Soul forgets it past after birth and continues in the present life, Saints try to remind humans of their true lineage and bring them closer to God.

“ He who eats grain is a man and who eats meat is a dog, who renders the living being dead is a devil incarnate. Intoxicants degrade a man to the level of the beast and cripple his will power. They
enslave the mind drawingit towards pleasure and prevents it from reaching the eye center.
Get intoxicated with the Nam and not with alcohol." Says kabir.

Kabir advocates a controlled family life and not renunciation, While leading a householder’s life, the disciple should attend to his meditation and keep his mind aloof from the world. He advice's the devotee to lead a life of purity, to develop discrimination, contentment and purity of thought and conduct. Kabir does not deny the importance of this world. This world is very necessary to go back to God, but everything here is temporary and the soul cannot take back anything from here. God realization is the highest goal of life.

"I beg for neither pleasures nor possessions,
I only want love and devotion. Nothing else do I beg for,
I beg only for you, From you, my Lord.

Without A Master


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