The Tenth Door

Once within, or once having reached the spiritual inner world, then words cannot be sufficient to describe the glory within. Many have used the words bliss and glory. That is world where there is no pain, death, illness of this tangible world.

The word Brahmand is used to describe the entire, physical, astral and causal world.
The names Kabir has given to the inner spiritual regions are, Sahansdal Kamal,
the land of the thousand lamps, Trikuti, the confluence of the three,
The tenth door. The region of great darkness. The region of Eternal Truth.
The Imperceptible One, The Inaccessible one, The Nameless One.

We are subject to the physical world where everything is governed by cause and effect. The soul is judged by its actions.
Beyond, is the Astral world and the Causal world. To enter the precincts of the Imperceptible one, one has to shed their physical and causal bodies. The journey begins at the third eye where one leaves the physical body and enters the Astral plane. Kabir has described it in the language of sound and light. There are many distractions in this world but Kabir calls the mind the biggest thief that steals the soul of its real spiritual wealth with its mighty companions of anger, lust, jealousy, hate, ego, attachment etc. Kabir recognizes the thief without a head.

Throughout the three worlds the thief steals,
With great cunning and stealth,
And deprives devotees,
Of all their wealth,

Kabir says "What is the use of subjecting your body to all this while the mind has all the freedom and can go anywhere, it is the body that is suffering. Calm the mind, know its origin, its characteristics. Mind has no power of its own, it draws from the soul. The mind cannot function without the soul, the soul cannot function without the mind in the physical world. Mind is matter and not spirit. Only when one reaches the region of the universal mind, and grasps the origin of mind the mind becomes still. Only one who is Attuned can do this. This mind is made of the five elements. He who fixes the mind in the region of the Universal Mind to him the mysteries of the three worlds will be revealed.

Kabir and Mind


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