Kabir and Sound

Senses or intellect cannot contact the Divine, the soul can.
Only the inner eye and the inner ear of the soul that can hear and see. Kabir describes

"who that has conquered the five inner regions is the true warrior.
He gives up his ego and saves his soul. There are five corresponding
melodies to the five regions, these pure Shabds are produced by the
Lord Himself. It is He who helps the seeker hear the sounds. Each
region has its own respective light and sound and these
sounds cannot be reproduced or described."


Kabir describes these sounds as the sounds of a Gong, Conch, Drum, Thunder and a stringed instrument. These are only within the body and cannot be contacted or heard from a external source. It is a divine power, a spiritual power emanating from the Supreme. This can be experienced only at the focal point namely the eye center. The method to travel this inner path is known only to a few realised souls. It is an adept or the perfect Master who holds the Key to the door for it is only a Guru who has traveled this route before and reached the destination.

As Jesus told Peter, "I will give you the key to heaven and whoever you will bind
here will be bound in Heaven and whoever you will allow here will be allowed"

It is only through meditation that a person can go.
“ Many, study, ponder and labor to the point of death,
O kabir,...Without a perfect Master they cannot obtain God.”

A Guru or Master is one who has realized God and has become one with Him. Such a person takes our love and devotion and give it to God. Shabd is the Guru and the soul is the disciple of the melody. From the time of his initiation, the Master is ever present with him in the form of pure spirit. The master is indispensable for spiritual growth. In his physical form the Master is Word made flesh, in the inner self the Master is the Shabd himself. Kabir had a glimpse of this Master and his splendor is so great he said "that the Master’s radiance stays within him. The Lotus feet of his Master was within him"


“ He who dies while living, and lives again after dying,
Will not be born again. He who merges in the Name,
his attention remains absorbed in the pure state of Him."

After initiation, when the disciple concentrates on his third eye, his consciousness gradually withdraws itself from the nine portals of the body and enters the spiritual world. In this manner he actually steps out of the worldly phenomena and steps into the spiritual world. At such a moment he becomes dead to physical experience and alive to his spiritual identity. This process of withdrawing to the eye center has been termed ‘dying while living’,

"rare are they who die while living, free from all fear they merge In the Lord’s qualities,
And wherever they look Only Him they see. And if one dies while living for him death is sweet,
through the Master’s grace, ...Those who while living die By merging into the Lord,
Become immortal, O kabir.”


The Tenth Door


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