Kabir and Shabd

Kabir urges the true seeker to undertake the practice of Nam and remain absorbed in it day and night. Nam grants the highest wish of the true seeker which is union with the Lord. The Nam and the Lord are not different but all one. One who realizes the Nam realizes God. Nam goes beyond all senses and it cannot be comprehend by the intellect nor seen with the eyes but can only be realized by repetition.

In his Bhajan ‘ Ahi Nisi Ek Nam Jo Jage’ he says
“ They who day and night are awake, Only to the name of the God, Attain fulfillment.
Through their absorption in the Name.Seekers, seers, hermits All toil to win Him, but fail;
For it is only the NameThat, like a wish fulfilling tree, Grants the boon-Liberation.
Those who dwell onto the Lord, do not from Him remain apart,
For they have realized, O Kabir, The Lord’s Name.”

Is there anyone who can tell me of the Lord’s Name, anyone who can bring to my view that unique thing which is invisible? Talking endlessly, but no one knows its profound secret. ...the true name cannot be conveyed through spoken words. Without himself realizing the Name, who can ever know its secret? Nam has been identified with Shabd.

Kabir says ..’realize the shabd, O brother, for Shabd is the creator himself’ When the Shabd was hidden it was the Nameless one, when it became manifest it became the Name. Through Shabd emanates all creation. The Bible preaches, “ In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God. All things were made by Him and without him not any thing made that was made”.

"This invaluable shabd", says Kabir, "recides in every vessel and that only when the soul listens to Nam with its inner ear, only then does it become a pure "Annhata sound", soundless sound, that one attains liberation. This Nam or Shabd is the all pervading energy or power of the Supreme Being. Though an all pervading force, it can be realized only with the help of a Master who can guide you to it. Nam can been seen without the eyes and heard without the ears".

“Beyond words is the Word, ...When one eliminates his I-ness only the word remains”. Shabd comes directly from the Lord, it is a direct link between Him and the soul. Through the practice of Shabd, mind becomes pure and merging with the divine melody the soul is lead to its source. The practice of the Shabd is acceptable by the Lord and those who attach themselves to the Shabd within become pure and are fit to become one with God.

‘The worship that the Lord approves not in it the world is entangled.
The worship that is dear to His heart, these worshippers know not”.

Kabir and Sound


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