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Kabir was a man of God, a lover of the Lord. Having attained the highest form of spiritual experience, which is God-realization, he was fully competent to guide others on the path. Spirituality was a way of life for him. Kabir’s main concern was that whatever he did it was to seek Divine Grace. The aim of saints is this merging of soul with the Lord, absorption of the lover into the beloved or the flame into the Flame.

"If he tries to find himself he finds God and if he tries to find God he finds himself."
"I have made Him My companion Who is beyond pleasure and pain; I will revel
with Him, I will merge with Him and never be parted again".Kabir,

Kabir longing for the Lord was the longing of a lover for her Beloved. Kabir has described himself as the ‘bride of the Lord’, ‘the wife of Ram’. He addressed the Lord with many names like, Ram, Krishna, Govind, Madhav, Murari, Keshav, Viththal, Sarangapani, Madhusudan, Jagannath, Allah, Karim, Khuda, Rabb, Rahman, Rahim, Sahib but he used these names for the one God.
He declared that his affection is not of these personal Gods.

Speaking on incarnation, Kabir says that one who is born to a human father through a human mother cannot be perfect, anything of this world is imperfect. The one beyond is He who neither begets nor is he begotten, He neither has a father nor a mother, he neither comes nor departs..

" let no one go searching for Him, still your mind, meditate
on Him, for He, Ram, fills each particle of the creation".

The Lord of Kabir is immutable, permanent and perfect. That which is permanent and changeless is true and that which is born and dies is false. The Supreme Being cannot be described in human language. He has no limits and all human faculties including the mind have limitations. The mind gets its knowledge from the senses, how then can a human being describe Him or His nature. Imagination cannot fully comprehend The Divine, and the little one may know of Him cannot be described. All philosophies are incomplete attempts made to realize God through analysis, intellectual understanding and human deductions.

In Kabir’s words "The Divine is absolute and indefinable
“ If I call God one, that he is not, if I call Him two, that would be a lie.
The Lord is what He is. I am who I am”.

The Divine is within and without, one can realize Him within himself and at the same time see Him everywhere all around, this can only be possible by one who has realized Him. Not confined to Idols, symbols nor does He dwell on snow capped peaks, nor dwell in churches, temples and mosques,The Kingdom of God is within,

“ Having recognized the Lord within, my thoughts rest only in Him. Now wherever I cast my eyes I see only Him, since realization came, here, there, everywhere I see the Lord alone. Within the body plays the Unfathomable Formless One” Why then does no one seek Him their?. He is neither less here nor more there, he fills each pot to the brim, do not look for the beloved else where for He is within.

"The Lord is within the body. Between the two eyes is the Master,
The messenger of the Lord. Between the black and the white
moles is the shining star, And within the star dwells
The unknown and unseen Lord.”

This point between the eyebrows has been described by saints with different names, it is widely called the third eye, the divine eye, the dark mole by some muslim adepts, in the Adi grants as ‘ the door of the home’, the tenth door’, ‘the road home’, ‘the gateway of liberation’.The human body made of the five elements has nine doors to it, but it is within the tenth door that the Lord lives. The eye center, is the point from where the soul has descended and diverged into the nine portals of the body. This is the point where the soul must converge to start it’s journey home. This starting point is a narrow and fine one. Jesussaid “ enter in at the straight gate ..straight is the gate and narrow is the path which leads to life and it is but a few who find it”. Kabir has described this center as the narrow door to salvation a tenth of a mustard seed.

The physical eyes open to the outside world and the inner eye which has the ability to see
the Supreme Being opens inward into the spiritual world which is unending. “ That which is
visible is perishable, contemplate on Him who is invisible. When you turn the key
to the tenth door you will see the Merciful One”.

According to Kabir, soul, the wife is involved in the nine houses of the external world and therefore cannot reach her Husband’s abode, which is the tenth house within. When one enters here one enters a world of light and spiritual beauty.

As Christ says “when thine eye be single, thy whole body is filled with light”

Kabir and Shabd


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