The End Years


“In the beginning God projected
the Light, From that Light came
into being all men,

From the same Light emanated the entire Universe. Whom then shall I call good, whom bad?All beings have come from the same Light".

"Does God live only in the Mosque or in an idol then who does live in the rest of the world? Of what use are baths in a river, visit to temples or mosques, pilgrimages if prayers are made with deception, if there is deceit in your heart. All the men and women are Thin own image, O Lord. Kabir is the child of Ram and Allah and he reveres all saints and holy men. O men and women, listen, take refuge in the One, repeat His Name, only then you will cross the ocean.”

True seekers gathered around Kabir. The Hindu priests and Maulvis were disturbed, tear supremacy was being questioned, they had to overthrow Kabir. As the king of Benaras himself was a great admirer of Kabir, they had to take a greater recourse . They now reached the Sultan. Brought to the court of the Sultan, Kabir answered honestly and crisply al the queries. In reply to the accusation that he called the God of Hindus and Muslims as One he said

“ The One who speaks and dwells in the body is neither Hindu or Muslim.
The imperceptible Allah is present everywhere, within every vessel.”

The Muslims and Hindus disagreed. Joint in their accusation, Kabir was put through various trials and came out unscathed. When placed before an elephant, the elephant would not move. When thrown into the swirling river he just floated merrily.

A amused Kabir said "if not in harmony in the court of the King of Kings at least they stand together in the court of a worldly king" The Sultan of Benaras was truly impressed by Kabir's simple Truths, begged Kabir’s forgiveness calling him a true man of God. He was then set free to go where he wanted.

Kabir chose to spend his last days in the town of Magahar situated 175 miles north of Benares. A small town whose population was predominantly, Muslims weavers. Magahar, being a Muslim community was considered cursed, and therefore who ever died there, would go to hell.Those that lived and died in Benaras would automatically go to heaven. Kabir deliberately choose to die in Magahar. To him hell and heaven was all of the mind.

Kabir said “ A hardened sinner will not escape the fires of hell even if he dies in Benaras and a Saint of God, even if he dies in Magahar, emancipates the entire fold of his devotees.If in Kashi, Kabir leaves the body, then what credit to the Lord’s grace? What I was once, I am not now. I have reaped the benefit of my precious human birth, As water once mixed in water cannot be taken apart, So has this weaver flowed and merged into the Lord, always absorbed in God’s love and devotion. What is there to wonder at When he attains this high state? Through the blessings of his master and through the company of the saints, this weaver marches onwards. He has conquered Kal’s domains. Listen, friends, Let no doubts remain: He who has true faith in the Lord, For him, holy Kashi and barren Magahar are the same.”

The barren town of Magahar received the blessings of the saint. With his arrival a river began to flow. One morning after giving darshan Kabir returned to his hut leaving instructions that he should not be disturbed. Later they found him lying there radiant, the wave that rose had merged back into the ocean. His disciples quarreled over his remains, whether he should be buried by Muslim rites or cremated as per Hindu dictates. Kabir’s body was not to be found the only remains were fresh flowers strewn where he had laid. Some, flowers were buried and some were cremated. Kabir had the last laugh.

Kabir Teachings


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