Kabir's Belief

Ramanand known for his rigid form of worship was liberal enough to allow Kabir his freedom to worship in his own method. Inspite of being accepted as his disciple Kabir was not permitted to see his master.

Ramanand had a unique form of worshipping, he would form a mental image of his deity in his mind and proceed to worship that image in his mind by offering flowers. One day as he was indulging in this form of worship, Ramanand came to that part where he was offering the garland and somehow it became tricky to put the garland round the idol’s neck.

While struggling with this, Kabir shouted out to him saying "Guruji why don’t you untie the garland and you will be able to slip it round the idol’s neck". Astonished, the master then sent for Kabir saying, "Indeed, what can be hidden from Kabir’s eye?".

After this incident, Ramanand started paying more attention to Kabir’s teachings and took to the inner path. Adi Granth, which is a collection of works of those saints, who believed in the one Formless God.



Kabir was formally initiated by Ramanand who worshipped Lord Vishnu.
Kabir later taught a path based on the practice of Shabd.
Shabd aimed at God realization while living,
a path not of outward pursuits, but of going ‘within’.

Kabir lived on his honest earnings till his last breath, weaving cloth on his loom and selling it in the market every week. He lived from day to day. Material acquisitions were not for him.. Contentment was his most cherished treasure. In one of his hymns he asks God not for riches but daily bread.

Kabir did not advocate forced celibacy, in fact he recommended a family life, without desire, he said, was far superior to rigid austerity. He himself was a married man who had a family, but entire being came from a deep spiritual bliss and not suppression. He had a son and a daughter. His wife and daughter became his disciples early in life. The son became his disciple much later. Kabir drew his disciples to him in unique ways, each disciple was unique and they all came to him under different circumstances.

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