Early Beginnings And Life



Kabir showed his mystical inclinations from an early age. Being poor and of a low-caste, he did not have the scope of being educated. The muslim texts written in Arabic and Persian were beyond comprehension and the Hindu scriptures were out of boundaries for an out caste like him. Without education and inspite of being an outcaste, Kabir had a keen intellect and a capacity for understanding and analysis far beyond the ordinary.

Kabir assisted his parents from an early age and became an adept weaver. At the same time his hunger for spiritual knowledge kept him so preoccupied that he would keep away for long periods of time much to the disdain of his parents. Yet, by and large he was much loved for he was a kind, soft spoken and well mannered. Without hesitation he would give away anything to the needy, bearing the scoldings and ire of his parents.



It is not known who initiated him to the path of Shabbd. Mahavatar Babaji initiated him into Yoga. How could a outcaste learn such high spiritual ways? What did Kabir have that devout Hindus did not have? Kabir was later resented by all for preaching what he had learnt. Sneered and jeered at, he realized that living in Benares, with its strong ideas on idol worship and caste distinctions he would not be allowed peace.

He was seeking a teacher, or Guru, whose disciple people would not dare to sneer at. He found Ramanand. To get him to accept would not be easy as Kabir was a lowly of caste.Kabir came out with a ploy, knowing Ramanand went to the Ganges for a bath everyday, Kabir lay on the steps to the Ghats, and awaited the master.When he did come, his foot touched Kabir’s head by mistake and the master exclaimed ‘Ram, Ram’.

Kabir got up and went away quietly. He then announced that he was Ramanand’s disciple. When Ramanad pulled him up for this, Kabir said, “Sir, I was intiated by you on the steps of the ghat. You touched my forehead with your foot and gave me the mantra ‘Ram,Ram’. Ramanad, a truthful soul could not deny this and accepted Kabir as his disciple.

Kabir's Belief


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