Ideas, Ideals and Ideology

Sometime ago I asked Elaeenah (a channel) to ask the "Ascended Masters of the Hierarchy" how do they function? How do they know which part of the world needed energy, who to assist, and where is the world heading? Where and what would be the changes in the world order? History does not have any answers. In some part of my inner being I knew it would be answered.

Little did I expect such a detailed answer, and least of all without any specific time or date. It just happened on a bright sunny Sunday afternoon. I listened, assimilated and imbibed all that was being said and explained. What they said seemed it would be a million years from now. And yet ! if you observe quietly there are changes apparent.

Have you ever watched a flight of birds or a school of fish? All are in one direction in perfect formation, and yet for no apparent reason without a sign from the lead bird or fish they change direction, again and again in perfect formation. What makes them do that? Our Science does not have a reasonable answer. The Masters explained that energy just flows ceaselessly. It goes where ever it is needed in perfect order. There are no leaders and no followers, all flow as needed. Indeed, we have much to learn from nature.

With the channeling of that Sunday afternoon there many things to ponder on. Where did an "Idea" come from? Was it intuition, then where did intuition without "subjective time and space" come from? How did the "Idea" translate into the human mind into an "Ideal" and then eventually into the peoples, races and nations into a "Ideology"? Would the "Idea" lead to Unity ? Could this turmoil eventually have harmony ?


Nature is a perfect mirror of the Divine mind. It is in perfect order. With it's seasons, it's gorgeous colours . Nature's beautiful way of showing it's grandeur, always gentle, eternally giving without asking for anything in return. It only rejoices ! What then of Man? Made in the image of the Divine, what has he done to himself and what has he done to nature ?

From a astrological chart one could make a Ray chart. If a human being could be so directed and influenced by the Divine Rays or the Energies of the Divine Radiation then the whole world would be so influenced to act according to the Divine Plan. This then are the Divine Ideas, then Ideals and Idealogy.............................Shana

Divine Dispensation


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