The Critical Mass, Zero Point

There is a process of unprecedented change unfolding within the earth.
The change is the dramatic shifts in the magnetic grids of Earth with
the transformation in human understanding, consciousness and experience.

"The Shift ." You are part of the change.

As science has no reference points of comparison, although the timetable of "The Plan" is intact. "The Shift" is happening now. Each event carries with it a message, much more significant than the event itself. Human history records, the coming of the new ages or Yugas without cataclysm or annihilation.
An age born without fear. This is one of those moments. Lord Krishna tells of the cycles of the ages which began 200,000 years ago, and the initiation
of Satya Yuga that started 5,000 years ago.

The Cosmic Grid


A grid was born when Creation came into being. A matrix of energy lines formed above our planet and across all the dimensions. Grids are interrelated with Sacred Geometry are concerned with our physical reality and our planet, which cannot function without the grids. The grids are our consciousness, alive within every aspect of creation, in the minerals, the vegetable kingdom and in humanity. It extends to our soul and the monad. The very geometry of creation.

The blueprint for our planet is in the grid itself. The guide to the smallest particle from atoms to quarks form into it's geometry. The grids align the building blocks of creation and the proper distribution and alignment of the elemental components, which are the building blocks for creation. The life force of energy. Looking at our third dimensional reality, sacred geometry is in everything.

We, mankind are following "The Plan" of Creation. As spirit in a human experience we await the unfolding of the Cosmic grid to connect to our origins and to evolve into reunification with the Supreme Origin. As our consciousness evolves our memory opens up to our interconnectedness to all things manifest.

With magnetics changing, aided by the sun outages, the Earth itself is changing her harmonics into a higher frequency. She strives towards Unity raising the resonance of her vibration. We as the inhabitants of this Earth, are experiencing these heightened frequencies. The collective consciousness of humankind is focusing on the reality of our own spirit. The polarized negatives and positives aspects of ourselves strains towards unity to ultimately merge with the spirit which really knows all. As we awaken to a higher purpose and action, we eventually attune to higher grid levels until we reach the Cosmic Grid and awaken the Higher Consciousness within us


The matrix of grids of all geometric forms such as the
tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron
and finally, the integration of all the forms, the stellated dodecahedron,
the integration of all of our aspects into the "The Cosmic Grid".


Science and the "The Shift"

Science leaves no doubt about the possibility of sudden reversals of the Earth’s magnetic poles. The current polarity of the Earth’s magnetic field emerges from the south magnetic pole located in the Southern Hemisphere and returns to the north magnetic pole located in the Northern Hemisphere. The actual axis of the magnetic poles is tilted about 20 degrees from the axis of the Earth’s spin. The magnetic poles constantly “drift” in their physical location, and, in recent years have drifted with more frequency. Sources: National Geophysical Data Center; Astronomy, by Michael Zelik (1985)

During the past 3.5 million years, the magnetic poles of the Earth have shifted at least nine times. It is not known how and why the magnetic poles can reverse, nor is it exactly known what the effect on life would be. Scientists believe that the Earth’s poles reverse an average of every 200,000 years, but the time between reversals has varied widely. The Sun reverses its magnetic poles fairly routinely: essentially every 11 years.

Sudden shifts in the Earth’s crust probably have occurred. Dr. Joseph L. Kirschvink, Professor of Geobiology at Caltech, have provided geological evidence that, 530,000,000 years ago the crust slid exactly, as moving the poles to the equator. It was this shift that caused an explosion of evolution at that time. Fossil evidence, geologic evidence, radioactive formations, and the knowledge that such shifts have occurred on other planets were cited.


Is Reality Real ?


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