In the Begininng


In the begininng highly evovled energy Biengs anchored early strains of cosmic energy onto planet Earth. They held within themselves the vastness, to be the storehouse that supplied the entire planet with these new energies. The feminine energies guided the energies so that they moved from this storehouse into the wilderness.

They danced the cosmic dance and carefully threaded these energies through the fabric of humanity. There were some who provided the grounding, the baseness, the anti-matter element that held these energies to planet Earth, not permitting them to escape back into the cosmos. And so it was!

It was not just people who provided energy anchoring. Grids, of different forms, were set up from the beginning of time. What did Earth look like, in the beginning, before there was an actual grid around it? A burst of fire with chaos, explosions; bursts of energy, going out and beyond. The grid came down, like a blanket, over this ball of fire, containing these energies

This blanket was something so energetic, so expanding, so full of life, just covered the entire cosmos, enveloping it. It was like a silken cocoon, woven round & round, in strands & strands, in every direction, crisscrossing, very fine but very strong, like steely strength.

A gauze of light, forming into sacred geometry. Each geometrical pattern manifests. It manifests different dimensions and energies. It goes to the core of the Earth and within that core form different dimensions. That's the beginning of the dimensions.

The Original Sacred Geometry


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