Our Own Consciousness
What raises us above other known sentient beings
is our ability to be conscious of our own consciousness.

Consciousness, has its roots in the mind, which in turn is seated in the brain. The human brain, has a highly developed frontal cortex. Human consciousness is a cerebral ability with inputs from the approximately 50,000 million cells that constitute an adult body. There is a growing understanding of the intelligence in individual cells in living matter.

The first concept associated with consciousness is "awareness". We are conscious when we are aware. We may be aware, for instance, without really being conscious of being aware. Awareness is, therefore, only a part of consciousness. Other known aspects of consciousness are free will, reasoning, visual imagery, recalling and making choices.

The human body is incredibly complex and each of its cells is in constant communication not only with cells that perform similar functions but also with every other cell in the body. Our consciousness probably results from assimilating all this data and arriving at choices or solutions. Our present state of consciousness may be likened to the tip of the iceberg of potential human awareness, of itself and of the universe.

We attain the highest levels of our potential when we release totally and become absolutely "No-thing," mentally and emotionally. When we become no-thing, we become everything. In this detached state, there is still a keen sense of awareness and focus, but it is different, and it is much more rewarding because you become more of your true self.

The practice of impeccability and the mindfulness of one's actions, words, and choices is Divine Consciousness-Grid-level work, work at the level of the Stellated Dodecahedron will lead to the spiritual development and clarity that most are seeking. What is truly needed, instead, is a clearer focus upon one's own inner choices, patterns, and actions.



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