Expanding our Creative Consciousness.

"Where are we going?" This is question that is asked by many. In the impending changes and the changes that are already happening what is our future? Is there another layer of destiny, or perhaps intelligance that all living beings nead to harnass and move into a another dimension of consciosness?

The Earth is a living system, a sentinant being. She does the most fundamental process of life known as breathing? The Earth's breathing are oscillations in the flow of subtle energies between the Earth and the Cosmos. "Global" breathing obtains energy from external Space by all methods of receiving, processing, and through a complex system of grids and chakras. The Earth's local breathing is a measurable change of width of zones of grids.

The concept of a Universal Space energy that people can use to realize supersensory phenomena has deep roots in all cultures. The Vedic texts describe this same ancient Space energy and call it by the mystical sound "Om." The first Sound forming complex "Sacred Geometry". The deep sound of "OooMmmmm" forms vibrations in the brain that enables various chakras to accept Space energy.

This "Cosmic Energy" is the interaction of this energy with the Earth. The cosmic energy is a phenomenon on the boundary between the higher dimensional unmanifested world and the third dimensional material manifest world.

This cosmic energy has many properties, whirlwind movement, resonance, and virtually instantaneous distribution over vast distances of outer Space. It can be perceived and felt by highly sensitive people. Each person gives his own explantion of these qualities of this energy.

Our Own Consciousness



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