Why Beliefs ? What makes millions upon
millions of human beings Believe?

Flooded by the marvels of technology, why do the masses still have greater faith in the ideals of their religion and the teachings of prophets or saints than in the rational explanations of scientists and philosopher alike? Why do even distinguished scientists subscribe to faith? What then, is this paradox?

Rank atheists in youth turned religious towards the close of life. Even materialistic political ideologies have not been able to uproot this inherent urge in man. No psychologist has so far provided a rational explanation for this erratic behavior of the human mind.

Respect of the esoteric doctrines of faith and the hidden truths about the Universal Energies and Soul were talked of with bated breath. It has always been felt instinctively that religion is a sacred subject beyond the province of the intellect. This is not so now.

The Vedas were committed to memory and transmitted orally, generation after generation, because there was a subconscious awareness that what they contained was of the utmost importance for mankind. By the same intuitive impulse theologians and scribes, preserve them from distortion for every word and line of the gospels of all faiths.

Mystical vision, the vision of God,
Higher consciousness is the target of human evolution.


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