Human Evolution

The human brain is still in a state of biological evolution
Evolution has become so fast that a rethinking on and
a readjustment of the current values as also the whole
social and political fabric of mankind has become necessary.

Constant tensions and pressures in the world situation, a general sense of discontent and lack of peace, a foreboding of approaching disaster, the use of drugs, the revolt of youth, tragedies of marital life and a pressing urge in countless minds to rise above Reality by striving for Higher Consciousness. Yoga, meditation, esoteric disciplines or occult practices have increased.

What has mystical experience to do with the environment of the earth? Human beings that have the greatest influence on the thinking and behavior of mankind, has been, that of the prophets, saviors and mystics, including the founders of all current faiths. Kings, philosophers, scientists or scholars have, all, played a secondary role. Revealed religious teaching, the Awakening of Higher Consciousness has held a fascination that is unmatched in any other sphere of life. This has persisted for thousands of years.


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