Understanding Reality, Frequencies and Dimensions

In the beginning all was known and was integrated with the masculine and feminine. But as our reality spiraled down to lower and lower frequencies, we humans forgot the simplest of concepts, of who we are. As time went by, we moved to the slowest moving dimension, going downward and downward and forgetting the feminine. With new energies coming in to our earth we are quickly spiraling upward to our Creator.

All energies spiral upwards With each turn of the spiral we move through the illusions that once blocked our understanding. Then, slowly rising things become clearer in a multidimensional way. As old concepts and understanding slips away, new ones are made.
Awareness is a constant realization


Dharma and Creation: According to the Vedas, the universe was sung into being. The medium of creation is "conscious sound vibration." Sound at different pitch, causes the atoms to dissociate at the weaker bonds of the whole mass and separation can occur, wherein different forms are created.

"Vibrations causes separation," Instead of listening to a "random" sound which is not controlled, one should instead create/control the same internal reverberating tone, and so we emulate the sound through the chanting of Om. Chanted at different pitch of sound and becoming experienced in the resonance, the speed of thought, time would stand still. Traveling in excess of the speed of light. Those who meditate talk about how it would seem one was gone for hours, in far off places into worlds that did not exist in our solar system, and one would come back to the physical plane, only an hour or so had gone by.


Our perception and illusions softens the harshness of reality. The impact of what you are seeing. Viewing the same through different eyes, understanding will have different effects on your physical body, mind and soul. It can makes you walk with the Masters, hear them in the inner recesses of your mind, it makes you Divine.


Energy and Frequencies


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