Elctro-Magentic Feild

How little we know of what affects us biologically, physically and universally. All the various disciples of alternating healing are again individual to each aspect of what really heals you. One day, perhaps all these sciences will come together under one practice. All things will be looked at holistically and the practice of healing humans, animals, plants and water will be interconnected. As time goes by, Allopathy is using Magneto-therapy, Aruyuvedic herbs, Iridology for diagnosing emotionally and physically, with increasing positive results. Color is often used to cure psychological problems. The curative properties of what "makes the world go round' are immense and perhaps unknown to most of us.

Till then, we at crystallotus are putting together the relationship with "our Earth" and humans as individual sciences of healing. . We hope that it would assist you in finding the right source of a science that heals you in your Dis-ease.........Shana

The Earth's Geomagnetic field and The Body
Just Magnets
Health depends on electromagnetic balance
The Therapy
The Benefits of Bio-Magnetics

The Earth's Geomagnetic field and The Body


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