Easter Island




An extraordinary case of a human civilization that was
born and died in almost complete isolation.
With its carved birdmen and its rows of huge statues
on platforms beside the sea. One wonders at the purpose
of the hundreds of altar platforms around its shores.


What beliefs inspired the islanders to sculpt the giant carvings?
Why were they dragged from their hillside quarries to the coast?
Why did each rank of stone heads face inland from their long altars, as if they had just landed from the sea? And why was there a taboo, or tape, on the area surrounding some altars, but not others? Where they extraterrestrial beings coming to our earth, stranded and
waiting for there mother ship to rescue them? The first impression is of giants waiting and
looking sky and seaward. And in their wait they seem to have changed to stone

By 1860 the Culture of Easter Island had disappeared
So even today questions remain unanswered.



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