"All Life" need "The Magnetics."

All life need "The Magnetics." Each of the species have their own grid which balances, allows one to evovle. When a species becomes extinct the magnetic grid just dissolves. When all life on the planet was
wiped out (the great Deluge) the Magnetic Grid was destroyed. Was it our own greed that did this? Are
the magnetics again reconstructed for "All Life" to evolve to the next level of evolution?

"Are we responsible Beings, holding all life as sacred ?"

Atlantis had a Laser Beam that sent out a beacon of light, that drew the magnetic's. It used "the magnetic's of outer space" and "grounded it in The Earth" This may have been hundreds and thousand years ago perhaps more. A Giant Crystal, which refracted light (Electron Laser). The large quartz crystals amplified the frequencies and vibrations. They had giant copper rods that conducted the energies from the crystals. This created a grid which acted as an apport - bringing things from higher energy into pure material form. Mankind rejuvenated, there was abundance all around. Wise men monitored the use of the Beam.

Perhaps they knew the"Dynamics of the electromagnetic fields emanating from galactic center that are linked to biological evolution," the coil of life (DNA) which supplies the architectural pattern for the fabrication of all organisms. Did it have something to do with the earth's rotation and its magnetic polarities, and the cosmic ray showers which originate in our own spiral galaxy?


But all that has been lost in the
man's greed for power and control.

In the end Atlantis was destroyed and all it's Sacred Knowledge lost.
The Knowledge of Creation itself


Tesla at 79
Tesla at 79
Nicholas Tesla

On 7/11/ 1934
the front page of the New York Times read.

The new invention "will send concentrated beams of particles through the free air, of such
tremendous energy.Tesla stated that the death beam would make war impossible by offering
every country an "invisible Chinese wall."Just before his death in1943 at the height of
World War II, he claimed that he had perfected his so-called "death beam."

Drawing showing Tesla's high potential
terminal and powerhouse
Drawing showing Tesla's high potential terminal and powerhouse

Drawing showing a component of
Tesla's beam weapon
Drawing showing a component of Tesla's beam weapon

Illustration of war in the futureIllustration of war in the future

For many years scientists and researchers have sought for Tesla's missing papers with no apparent success. It is conceivable that if NikolaTesla knew a means for accurately projecting lethal beams
of energy through the atmosphere, he may have taken it to the grave with him.

"Was it too early?"

High Frequency -In 1873,
James Clerk Maxwell, in England, had proven mathematically that light
was electromagnetic radiationólight was electricity, vibrating at an extremely high frequency.
In 1888,Heinrich Hertz of Germany confirmed experimentally that an
electric spark propagates electromagnetic waves into space.

Will we understand the true "Unity of Being"?

Free-Electron Laser

When the TESLA linear collider was designed, it soon became clear that the electron beam
properties required would also be suitable for the operation of a free electron laser for X-rays.
Extremely high beam currents would be produced at very low beam emittance, i.e. very
highbeam quality. The basis of the FEL principle for wavelengths within the
nanometer region and below it can be summarized as follows

Short electron bunches are made to emit coherent synchrotron radiation while passing through a
long undulator - a long magnetic structure with rapidly alternating field directions. The
goal of the TTF FEL is a unique source of coherent radiation in the VUV range,
i.e. with wavelengths of approx. 6 nanometers.

"Is our consciousness ready to understand
the magnetics and multi-dimensional reality?"



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