Is Our Fate in Our Genes

"This is a tool for liberation, a scientific window into the soul. We are born
with a certain genetic makeup. That doesn't mean we have no control over our lives,"
Genes don't dictate a person's future; rather, they interact with each other, with the environment,
and with an individual's response to these influences. It's hard to avoid linking genes with destiny.

Could someone really be "born bad"?

Debates emphasize that the link between a gene and a behavior is not the same as cause and effect or Karma . A gene does not make people do things. It doesn't code for emotions or thoughts. Instead, a gene may trigger biochemical events in the body, which interact with environmental and developmental influences, and together with these increase the likelihood that you'll behave in a particular way.
"As long as humans are not exposed to artificial selection and crossing experiments, behavior geneticists will be very limited in their ability to partition the effects of genes, the environment and their interaction on human behavior."




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