What exactly is the Crystalline Grid?

The crystalline grid is an energy grid that surrounds the Earth which is regarded as a gigantic crystal of the form of a normal hollow dodecahedron and consists of 12 main nodal points of high energy, which bring together major energy lines, and of 144 secondary nodal points which bring together secondary energy lines..

It is called crystalline, because the energy, for each focal point primary or not, comes from crystals located inside the Earth. These crystals in turn take additional energy from the large
crystal at the core of the Earth which is the ''Central Sun'' of the Earth.

This network exchange gives and also receives energies with all the kingdoms living or inorganic of the planet. The main points are in Giza in Egypt, in Nepal, in Lhasa, and in Hawaii over the ancient capital of Lemuria. In the Americas in Mexico City, in Venezuela and Peru. In Europe, in mountain Olympus in Greece and in the East in the Persian Gulf, in Japan, in Australia and in the Pacific Ocean. Many of the ancient temples and monuments are built in the locations of the nodal points, where energy is concentrated.

The distances between them are generally on the three angles of isosceles triangles. These points are also time-space portals. For those who happens to live in these places the meditation will be much more effective, because of the high energy there. A corresponding crystalline grid of focal points exists also on the inner Earth surface, i.e. the Hollow Earth, and on these points have been built the crystal cities of the Hollow Earth.

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