Ascension Triggers, Crystalline Consciousness

The Ascension program in 2011 and 2012 are specific astrological gravitation refinements and frequencies boosts needed to complete
and polish the Crystalline Grid and refine the Crystalline Transformation of the Earth as it reinforces the spanning of humanity into great
and greater dimension consciousness, and that is Crystalline Consciousness. Let us then look to these events as they unfold in 2011.


Every life is a sacred opportunity to explore and discover what dwells within.

On earth, the expanded dimensions overlays of the Crystalline Transformation fulfills this. Awareness evolves into wisdom, and wisdom into Conscious Mastery and the return home into the Crystalline Light of Divinity. The Crystalline Transition and its anchoring in the Crystalline Vortex of the sacred. It involves so many of the transformations into the Golden Age of harmonic, and the era of the forgotten 'Law of One'.

A very important transition will be ushered into place in phases of the Cosmic Triggers that are taking place on each Equinox and Triple Date Portals through the 12-12-12. These are  truly  supreme events in the Crystalline Transition of the planet, and for humanity.The electro magnetism is being shifted upwards as the world moves into the unified Crystalline Field. The electromagnetic grid is reduced in function as the Earth transforms into Crystalline Energy through the 144-Crystalline Grid. The Crystalline Age is upon us, and indeed the Crystalline Light Body is the natural transition.

For 12000 thousand years sacred geometry of the Star Tetrahedron Vehicle served us to ascend towards the higher dimension. This is now being changed into greater capacity. It is evolving into progressive expansive mode from the Mer-Ka-Bah to the Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va System. The Mer-Ka-Bah which has gender, the feminine and the masculine, and polarity that is negative and the positive, is incapable of truly optimally functioning above the 3rd dimension. The Divine has created a natural transition to Crystalline Mer-Ki-Va which is required to function in alignment with the 144-Crystalline Grid, at the level of the 5th dimension.

It is the energy of the Earth in the Ascension which is in parity with the Crystalline Grid that is enabling the crystalline energy expansion of the Earth into greater dimensional reach. It is only the beginning of the energy from 5th dimension to the 12th dimension that is accessible to all of us. The zero field is the aspect of crystalline dimension, it is non polar and non gender. It expands into energy dimensions that exist within us, but have been dormant, inaccessible to humanity for the last 12000 years. Yet these crystalline dimensions are our true origins, and we exist in higher form within them.

In higher realms there is formless geometry. The transition from Mer-Ka-Bah into Mer-Ki-Vic Tri-System is non polar in gender and magnetic terms. Geometry's shifts, as they move into higher dimensions, different physics apply as dimensions rise above the gravitational and electric polarity of the 3rd dimension.

All very confusing and perhaps flying above us, but indeed true.
We have to understand these energies.
Ultimately they are for our Ascension process.

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