Cosmic Maya

Cosmic Maya carried the burden of time. Cosmicly aware of cycles of time the Maya
were bound, as we are, by walking through time in a linear fashion. They were aware
that beings of earth had lost the natural ability to ride the cycles of time/light/energy,
to time travel. It is also known by the Cosmic Maya that this present linear
fashion of time will transform into multidimensionality, and will not
be limited to linear time on earth much longer.

Isn't this why we came here to remember and to witness at this time?
Do you remember? All hail to the harmony of all mind and nature.


The calendar with it's twenty Sun/glyphs are cosmic memory activation tools that intuitively interacts with your body's memory, your DNA. The calendar is not only an incredibly accurate map of the cycles of the cosmos, but is also a tool to accelerate and activate your memory into recalling the truth behind the mystery of the cosmos. Each glyph is charged with precise information in the form of feelings or emotions to help active you in a very personal and individual way. Each person will remember their own personal perspective of the truth based on their place in the calendar system. This is not something you need to learn, it is something you will remember.

Understanding the Tzolk'in with only the mental body was not the approach the Mayas themselves intended. To understand their knowledge of the universe, they would have to leave remains behind that would bridge all cultures, languages, and all levels of education. This is what the Maya have done. The knowledge of the cosmos is available to all. It is available to those who can open their hearts to the wonder and curiosity of the universe once again. The encoding of the calendar is intuitive and is remembered with feelings. It is also very mental and can be learned with study. As daykeeper, Hunbatz Men say, we need to use all our bodies to remember everything. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are needed.

Without desire, wonder and curiosity there is no intention to remember. Without study there is no understanding. To reconnect to the cosmos and receive information from the Sun, as the Maya do, one must not only place intention by physical study, but desire to remember! As we move our physical bodies into action to study, the intuitive side will activiate, but desire is most important and quite essential.

That is it! This is what the Maya intended.


The Basics of the Mayan Calendar


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