Understanding Grids

Channeling on"The Consciousness Grid"
By Sohrab
It was not just people who provided energy anchoring. Grids, of different forms, were set up from the beginning of time. What did Earth look like, in the beginning, before there was an actual grid around it? A burst of fire with chaos, explosions; bursts of energy, going out and beyond. The grid came down, like a blanket, over this ball of fire, containing these energies

This blanket was something so energetic, so expanding, so full of life, just covered the entire cosmos, enveloping it. It was like a silken cocoon, woven round and round, in strands and strands, in every direction, crisscrossing, very fine but very strong, like steely strength. A gauze of light, forming into sacred geometry. Each geometrical pattern manifests. It manifests different dimensions and energies. It goes to the core of the Earth and within that core form different dimensions. That's the beginning of the dimensions.

The original simple sacred geometry was the Void,
with overtones of complex hybrid sacred geometry.

However, back in time and space to early sacred geometry. Like a whirlpool, fast moving circles and within the end of the center of the whirlpool, these concentric circles going round, is the Void. The Void, is in the core of the Earth. Mother Earth with it's energies is actually the cosmos. From here is the cosmos and from there is the creation. From there is the sacred geometries and the different manifestations. That is why we say 'go within to look without'.

At the point you term the 'Big Bang', when the consciousness fragmented, every single tiny iota of the consciousness became an individual symbol. You do not have numbers, in your consciousness, to count these symbols. These were the original symbols of what you call Sacred Geometry.


Each tiny fragment, with its own consciousness then began to develop, to mutate, to expand. For example, a simple shape, might have been a circle, would then start to have different shapes within it: A circle within a circle within a circle, a series of intersecting circles, but each form would always retain its original form, in a different hybrid pattern. So if the circle, for example, was that particular fragment's signature, all aspects would always be circles, never straight lines. This is how it mirrors our individual selves.

Then as each fragments mutated, expanded and its consciousness grew, these fragments began, at times, to join with other fragments. More and more complex symbols began to appear, joining more than one consciousness. One became two became three became four and as they joined, the increased exponentially. So two became four and then became sixteen. As they increased exponentially, they joined yet with other fragments forming more and more complex forms of sacred geometry. This is the truest, truest aspect of your life; the earliest cells, if you wish: simple cells of vast amounts of complex sacred geometry.




So each one was now clumped together and had a consciousness of its own. Where could this consciousness go? It had to experience the opposite of consciousness, even be aware that it had consciousness. Groups of sacred geometry started joining together on a physical surface: planets, asteroids, stars, star systems. When physical is said, it does not necessarily mean your density but a density greater than its own. In understanding its opposite self, which would come from another set of strands of sacred geometry, it began to understand itself. For example, when it needed to eat, it needed to experience hunger. How could would it know that it was angry, if it did not experience lack of anger? And it is from these stray strands that then arose different species.

Let us see the early species, in the universe. Focus upon whatever appears. Perhaps it was a ball of spikes with many lines from a core, jutting out. Their energies were Vaporous. They were like streams; very close to the Earth, like vapor streams above the Earth. It wasn't water; it was vapor or something akin to smoke.

Go into their consciousness. It is difficult to move back in time and space, to energies that one is far beyond. It is hard to even touch them. This wonderful species of very early energy expanded. Large, simple in their energies with no personality. Mutating all the time, from one to the other to the other. With no simple or complex emotions only with an impetus to multiply.Their consciousness of these and other type strains of the initial beings of our universe were vast, extremely expanded but raw massive collections of random pieces of sacred geometry, not clearly formed or defined. No specific emotion; primal fear, fear of separating from the Source.

The Source has no fear. Then a new emotion has just arisen. Here were those beautiful beings that did not require a physical manifestation on a planet. Indeed, at this point, the planets themselves were still being formed. The only way they felt they could overcome fear was to multiply and mutate; to gather around themselves, more and more of their own kind. And we have remnants of these kinds of friends, throughout your universe, even today. They have developed and mutated and are now a species of their own. They can be seen around your Solar System, the clouds within your Milky Way; yes, they are groups or clusters of vast space beings.


Now where did consciousness wish to go? To take on extra dimensions of light and sound. Taking the search for movement and growth of consciousness to new dimensions, including that of control of spaces. So consciousness decided to expand into different dimensions and in that expansion, a great amount of wisdom, clarity, knowledge was learnt; in fact, the beings took a quantum leap forward and became these highly intellectual, intelligent, vast beings that were able to straddle various dimensions. Various realms but with this straddling of the realms came more confusion.

The high quotient of intelligence began to realize that moving between realms could be self-destructive. A phase of learning was learnt to remain, grow and expand primarily in their own sphere, in our own timeline, in our own dimension. Thus, the beings, once again, created veils between the dimensions to separate one another from utter chaos. This was the advent of civilizations and sub root races as they are today. Beings remained in a particular timeline for the most part. Since it was the start of civilization, they are beginning to learn about connecting with each other and to understand interpersonal energy exchanges.


What then is the soul? The soul, as we term it, is that tiny fragment, that spark of the Divine that was emitted at the first point of separation and has always carried forward, through time and space, through ages into you. Many of you have this visual of soul being a figure very much like yourself, which moves out, energetically, and moves back in. It's a spark and moves in the cosmos, it goes, it comes and strangely, the geometry within it is the same. It never, never changes. It can multiply: for instance, a square can become an octahedron but it will remain a square initially. That's the soul.

In simple terms, each one of you has a soul, which is this point of light, and that point of light has, within it, the core of a piece of sacred geometry that is unique to you. No other living or sentient being, in any time or space, will have that unique shape.That central core circle that was your soul that fragmented from the original Source, always remains that. But around it is now very, very complex level mutations of your own sacred geometry.


That is why, when you move forward, even in your own timeline to a new incarnation, every single time you incarnate, you add to your sacred geometry newer and newer strands of sacred geometry. Therefore, you can never regress because the newer expanded aspect of sacred geometry, which is your soul is then embedded in the next physical or nonphysical incarnation that you choose to take. This is multiplied within every single cell of your being, be it physical, be it not.

The soul is actually a series of tiny points of light, tiny points of sacred geometry that are ever-growing,
ever-expanding, ever-mutating and constantly joining with others around you to grow, replenish and expand.
Prana activates the soul within you. It is the force of creation that actually physically enters your body and
lights the little spark in every cell. When one is feeling connected and expanded, one is more in touch with
those aspects of the light within ourselves. The cells always burn bright but it is your consciousness
that moves away or towards it. The instant attention is put to them, you are more soulful.

Everything else grew created around the spark of the soul and became the beings.
One day, it will become the Universe, with that spark. Because you are the universe!

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